Undertow (4x473ml)

Undertow (4x473ml)

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Double West Coast IPA

Sometimes innocuous looking things harbour surprises. 
Calm water, formidable undertow. Smooth, easy drinking IPA, big ABV. 

To prep this big beer, we dialed up a hefty malt bill with crisp Canadian Pilsner malt, biscuity Maris Otter, spicy rye malt and a sprinkling of a special blend of caramel malts for a grounding sweetness. 
We then loaded up the hops with Amarillo, Mosaic and Vic Secret. A couple of west coast modern classics and the latter brings a little Aussie flare to the party. 
This combination delivers big tangerine, mango, and apricot aromas with just the right balance of pine and resin. 
Crisp, clean and dry, this beer goes down easily so drink responsibly. 
Don't get yourself caught in the Undertow. 

8.6% ABV

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