Staff Party (4x473ml)

Staff Party (4x473ml)

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Staff Party

Wheat Ale w/ Mango and Peach

We brewed up a Staff Party!
We wanted to give everyone on our team a chance to contribute and to have a say in what we're putting out. Bright, juicy and refreshing, perfect to drink responsibly at a work function. 

A blend of Canadian Pilsner and Wheat malt with a sprinkling of oats for a little pizzazz. 
Amchur (Dried Green Mango) was added to the boil along with Amarillo and Centennial. Fermented with our house ale yeast and conditioned on both mango and peach puree (with a touch of apricot for good measure). 

Bright on the nose, effervescent on the tongue with a lush and slightly tart mouthfeel. The finish is smooth, balanced and refreshing.

This is a Good Things charity beer with partial proceeds donated to Don't Go Hungry: A Food Support Program

5.1% ABV

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