Smoked Honey Doppelbock (650ml)

Smoked Honey Doppelbock (650ml)

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Smoked Honey Doppelbock

Bocks are traditionally malty and full bodied. A favorite S&O style, this is another brew inspired by the beers of Bamberg, originators of the smoked beer style. 

Local BC honey and beechwood smoked malt add depth to this complex strong German-style.
Lagered for eight weeks to fully develop and mature, it drinks rich and smooth. The 7.9% ABV will sneak up on you as you leisurely sip this full-bodied lager. 

Light smoke, gentle sweetness and a round, balanced finish make this a perfect beer to enjoy while seated in a leather chair with your feet up on a rich mahogany coffee table. To pair with an elegant meal.
Or, you know, on your beat up couch while you watch football. 
Whatever works for you friends.

Zum Wohl. To your health.

7.9% ABV

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