Favourite Sibling (4x473ml)

Favourite Sibling (4x473ml)

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Favourite Sibling

Dry-Hopped Multigrain Saison

Our favourite sibling happens to be our only sibling;

Our sister brewery, Herald Street Brew Works in Victoria!

They came for an overdue visit and we brewed an old family recipe: Dry-Hopped Multigrain Saison, dating back to our great-great-great grandmother's signature brew (this part is fiction but fun to think about)

A super fun multigrain malt bill brings complexity to this saison. We used barley, wheat, oat, buckwheat AND triticale to provide a multifaceted, pleasing base.
We fermented with a blend of saison and wine yeasts to promote biotransformation. What is biotransformation? It’s when yeast metabolizes inert compounds into delightfully aromatic compounds.
Science is delicious.

Dry hop additions of Huell Melon and Belma bring bright and fruit forward notes of citrus, green strawberries and Juicy Fruit™ .

Embrace your favourite and non-favourite siblings alike and raise a glass to family!

5.6% ABV

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